Volunteer Information

There is a job for every interest at the Festival.  If you have questions or concerns about what volunteer positions will fit your needs best, please e-mail.  Volunteers who are hearing impaired, deaf or handicapped are also encouraged to volunteer.  Please see our detailed list of volunteer job descriptions for more information:

  1. Beer and Wine Sales – Volunteers working here will make sure that people with alcohol do not leave the Beer Garden and that the Garden is kept clean and neat. Volunteers may also assist with running the cash register and pouring of beverages. YOU MUST BE 21 OR OLDER TO VOLUNTEER IN THE BEER AND WINE AREA.
  2. Gate Cashiers – Volunteers working one of the 2 gates will serve as greeters and collect entrance fees. Please be prepared to interface with customers and be on your feet. Customer service skills, a winning smile and flexibility are a must! Volunteers working here should have experience handling money, counting change.
  3. Exhibitor/Team/Vendor Registration – Volunteers working in exhibitor registration must be well-organized, patient and good-humored, customer-service-oriented individuals. All exhibitors are required to check in before entering the event space and to register before setting up their booth. Volunteers are responsible for checking in teams, exhibitors and vendors ensuring that they have provided their completed paperwork, collecting payment when necessary, providing badges and disseminating other relevant information.Volunteers will also sign in members of the media, secure on-site contact information and publications specifics, and then provide an appropriate badge. Please note the volume of media registering throughout the day varies. Because of this, we ask that you only sign up for this position if you are comfortable with some ‘non-activity’ during your shift. You’re welcome to bring reading materials with you for this position.
  4. Kid’s Zone – Kid’s Zone volunteers will help facilitate kid’s programs throughout their shift, and make sure parents do not leave their children unattended (parents must stay in Kid’s Zone with children). Volunteers should be comfortable working with children and with assisting in implementing various children’s programs.
  5. Volunteer Registration – Volunteers working in volunteer registration will assist with giving out t-shirts, and making sure volunteers sign the volunteer waiver. Volunteers may also run errands and escort other volunteers to their respective areas.

Volunteering with a Group

If you’d like to bring a group to volunteer, please contact to arrange a group volunteer reservation. Group slots fill quickly, so the earlier the better!

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one 4.5 – 5 hour shift and receive:

  • Free access into the festival (early shifts only).
  • An exclusive cotton t-shirt.
  • Snacks and relaxation in the Volunteer Lounge.
  • An amazing networking opportunity and a fun, rewarding experience!
  • Build your resume

Volunteer Registration

To register to be a festival volunteer, please fill out our online volunteer registration form.